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megaFumpa Tyre Inflator

megaFumpa Tyre Inflator

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Length: 15cm(5.9 inches)
Width: 13cm (5.1 inches)
Height: 7cm (2.8 inches)
Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds)

Product Features

Hands-free tyre inflation
Accurate digital pressure gauge (psi, kPa, Bar)
Schrader compatible
1.5 hour fast charge (USB-PD)
Built-in temperature sensor and shut-down


Inflates up to 5 car tyres or 40 bicycle tyres on a single charge.

120psi max pressure (8.3 Bar).

0-35psi: 3.5 minutes (245/45R18 sedan tyre)

0-100psi: ~20 seconds (700x23c )


1 x megaFumpa tyre inflator
1 x USB Type-C to USB Type A recharge cable
1 x USB Type-C to USB Type C recharge cable
1 x accessory set (needle valve, plastic valve, presta to schrader adaptor)


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***Available 2024***

Hands-free tyre inflator. Engineered for Cars and Motorbikes

Perfect for:
Cars, motorbikes, ATVs, caravans, anything with a tyre really.

The megaFumpa tyre inflator has been engineered specifically for large volume applications. Weighing just 1.5kg, it has the capacity to inflate 5 typical car tyres on a single charge, or 40 bicycle tyres! Unlike our other pumps, megaFumpa sits on the ground and operates hands-free. This makes it perfect for pumping bigger tyres like cars and motorbikes.

megaFumpa may be small compared to other commercially available air compressors, but it packs a punch. Using state of the art brushless motor technology, megaFumpa can pump a typical bike tyre from flat in around 20 seconds and a typical car tyre from flat in 3-4 minutes. This makes it twice as fast as other electric air compressors available.

megaFumpa is powered by an internal 3.0Ah lithium-ion battery, which is USB Type C rechargeable. So no need to worry about separate batteries needing their own separate charger. megaFumpa can be charged with any USB source, including battery packs.

What makes megaFumpa truly unique is its USB Type C Power Delivery (PD) fast recharge capability. Using a 30W USB-PD power adapter (sold separately), you can fully charge megaFumpa from flat in just 90 minutes. That is faster than an iPhone! It also means that in just a few minutes you'll have enough charge to pump up a tyre.

Concerned about battery life? Don't be! megaFumpa's battery is replaceable. If after a number of years the battery looses its grunt, just purchase a new battery from us. They are incredibly easy and safe to install yourself. 

To use megaFumpa, simply dial in your set pressure using the set pressure knob, connect the nozzle to the tyre and press the start button. Once the pressure is reached, megaFumpa will stop automatically. Further pressure adjustments can be made by keeping your finger on the start button to add more air, or removing air by pressing the pressure release button. 

megaFumpa is manufactured from diecast aluminium with a superior quality matt powder-coat finish. Its fully integrated rubber base reduces noise and vibration. megaFumpa comes with a high quality schrader valve nozzle adaptor, which unlike the dodgy chucks at the service station, is guaranteed not to leak. Simply push it onto the tyre's valve, and press the button to release.  

megaFumpa comes with a USB Type C to Type A cable for standard USB charging, as well as a USB Type C to USB type C cable for USB PD fast charging. A needle valve, a valve for inflatable toys, and a presta-to-schrader valve adapter is also provided. If you are wanting to use megaFumpa for presta valves more often, we do recommend purchasing our Extension nozzle or Elbow Nozzle kit, which can be used with megaFumpa. 

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