Electric Bike Pumps and Gauges

USB Type C Rechargeable

Australian Made

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Lithium-powered pumps and gauges - now with upgrades

Introducing the new range of USB Type-C rechargeable miniature electric pumps and pressure gauges.

Our products are designed, engineered and optimised for cyclists.

Buy Direct and Save

To offset rising inflation and freight costs, Fumpa Pumps is now focussing on direct sales to the customer. Removing the middle man has allowed us to reduce our prices whilst still maintaining industry leading quality and performance. Our products are better than ever, but now at reduced prices.

Buy direct from the people who make them.

About Us

We are a privately-owned Australian business based in Notting Hill, Victoria. All our pumps and gauges are made right here in Australia!

We believe we offer the best quality pumps on Earth and strive for product perfection and customer satisfaction.

Why choose Fumpa Pumps?

Our pumps are the smallest, fastest and lightest pumps available on the market!

Our patented miniature air compressor design will fill your tyres at remarkable speeds. We are also the only company that utilises brushless motor technology to provide incredible torque to weight ratios.

We incorporate the highest quality lithium batteries, which are fast charged using USB Type-C technology.

Our Pumps are also beautifully housed in red anodised casings, for ultimate strength and aesthetics.